When I first saw the tittle, I had the inkling feeling that I once read the book years ago but since I was in a hurry - packing my bag for the outstation at 1.30 am while contemplating which books to take with me, I end up with this book and 2 others.

So yupp this was the second time I read this book. I realized this while half way reading the book but I kept on reading because a 'soothing and touch your heart' kind of book is always a pleasure to read again.

This heart warming book that took 8 years to complete started with one request from a rabbi 'will you do my eulogy?'

There are so many lessons, questions, discussion, etc from the book regarding faith.

It doesnt matter if you are a Muslim, a Christian, a Jew, a Hindu, a Buddist, etc. You will definitely find something that will make you want to look deeply on your religion and your actions towards mankind.

You could find stories about restored faith, faith translated in actions not just your belief, we are all connected to each other, dealing with losing someone precious, always try to find kindness in people, we could take nothing with us when we die, simplify life and enjoy the journey, hope not to be forgotten, the regret of things left unsaid, kindness goes all the way, forgiveness, etc.

"The most important things in life comfort, love and a peaceful heart".

"The secret of happiness are to be satisfied and be grateful with what God has given you, for the love you received and what you have".

I could relate with the story about how most human likes to run from God and most of us will always turn to God when we are at our lowest point in life.

Listening shall be done through ears, eyes and heart especially when you are dealing with the kids.

Everybody have the chance to start over and redeem themselves.

Sometimes in life, you will come across a book that really speaks to you at that time.

I started reading this book while waiting for the flight to Langkawi at the boarding area and finished it off while waiting for the luggage at Langkawi International Airport. Yeay