"One easy step to unhappiness is doing nothing. There are no easy steps to happiness".

The thing you did for your best friend includes reading a self-help book that he recommended because he said the book is superb. I trusted him because he is not a book person.

I end up being not so happy reading this 'Happier' book because motivational or self-help book is never really my fortè but because I love my friend, I tried my best and finished off this book in 2 days.

There are 4 type of people according to the book:

1. 'hedonists' - seek pleasure and avoid pain. Enjoying the present while ignoring the possibility of negavite consequences;

2. 'rat race' - suffers now for the purpose of some anticipated gain in the future;

3. 'nihilist' - person who has lost the lust for life and given up on finding happiness; and

4. 'happiness' - doing activities that bring enjoyment in the present that will lead to fulfilling future.

So which type are you? I am definitely a mix of these 4 categories depend on the subject matter, time, mood, etc.

From a very few happiness self-help books I ever read once in a blue moon, the content are more or less the same but still some suggestions on what you should do to be happier from this book are:

1. do the activities that make you happier;

2. gratitude, thankful and kindness;

3. wealth vs happiness vs emotional brankruptcy;

4. setting goals for attaining lifelong happiness in relationship, study, career, etc;

5. want to vs have to;

6. find your true calling and passion;

7. less is more;

8. slow down and smell the flower;

9. simplify your life; and

10. take action now, etc

Happiness is the lifelong journey, not the destination.

So learn to let go and never get stuck in the past, cherish, appreciate and be there at the present moment while looking forward and prepare for the future.

I am exhausted after reading this book😅I need Korean oppa vibes to make me happier now. So which KDrama to watch now? Park Hae-jin or Kim Jae-wook or Choi Jin-hyuk oppa?

Watching awesome KDrama with handsome oppa definitely one of the activity that will make me happier.


  1. Buat semua benda dalam dunia ni kene happy to do it.. even if that is so hard and difficult but if we happy it will light some more..

    1. Ha betul tuh. Nak tak nak kena cuba cari apa yang menggembirakan life kita sepanjang kita menempuh hidup ni