In the language of flower, the rhododendron symbolizes hope and sincerity

This book really is about hope and sincerity even though there are so many conflicts, bloodbaths and deaths throughout the book.

The families of Svylan with supernatural power existed alongside humans since years ago. This story is about them and the Shapeshifters (tiger, hyena, cat, etc) who are so rich beyond imagination.

The story focuses on the love story between Sebastian (Lord Wang, Master of the Tigris Clan) and Lan/Elizabeth, a Halfling from the Aten Family. The relationship started off with mutual benefit for each party ended with love and acceptance after facing so many obstacles that almost caused them their lives.

I love that Sebastian is not the perfect guy. He has flaws but he tried his best to navigate his life and taking care of the people he loves. The beautiful Lan is sort of a damsel in distress but she still find courage to be strong and be firm with her decisions.

Abuse of power, power fight, jurisdiction of each Clan and family, revenge, etc have played around the life that Sebastian and Lan wish to built together. It took quite a while for me to not confusing which character in which Clan and family but I enjoyed reading about the diversity of each Clan and family and how they interact with each other (it kind of reminded me of The Godfather movie).

There are vivid descriptions about the places, the people, the circumstances, etc that make me feel like I am one of the character in the book, part of the stories. I love the write up on the wedding preparations, so lavish and exquisite.

Between the clans’ feuds, family dramas, attempt assassination, etc there are always some light and happy moments whenever Gilbert Ericson, the First Butler of Master of the Tigris Clan appears in the book. He never failed to make me smiled and chuckled.

There are some flashbacks on the connection between Lan and Ju. I believe this is not the last time we will read about Ju. Seems like there are more stories between Lan and Ju that are yet to be told.

What is the worse betrayal? Definitely the betrayal from the person you love and trust the most.

Everyone have their own story on what make them the way they are. Everyone have their own battle to fight. The circumstances sometimes force and turn us into the dark side, like what happened to Allison. Its heartbreaking reading about Allison whose life is so full of promise ended up with life surrounded with hatred and plots to get the revenge of the injustice that she felt cursed on her.

You will be torn between condemning the actions taken or you will find in your heart that you might understand why the sweet Jenny ended up like that. seems like the sequel might have some zombies? Who doesn't love zombies right? I really look forward to read the sequel.

I am never a big fan of supernatural love story and adult paranormal genre but I truly enjoyed reading 257 pages of this book because it has a combination of everything - love story, mystical creatures, families’ conflicts and feuds, betrayals, revenges and redemption.

It’s like reading the combination of Twilight series + any Korean Sageuk drama (especially When The Moon Embracing The Sun and My Country The New Age) or Chinese historical period drama.

Do find the time and read the book okay.

After reading this book, I am trying to find the “forget me not flower” and I eat oranges like I never ate them before hehehehehe.

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