How do I ever get the chance to stick with eat clean + exercise plan if I keep on falling off the wagon.
Case 1 
I was glowing with happiness after 1 hour zumba after dogding a few sessions already (not proud of myself). 

While waiting for buong to fetch me, I found myself suddenly walking towards the durian stall that located just a step from the zumba class (well actually it’s 2 minutes walk from the zumba class but you get what I meant).

While trying to convince myself that I am not suppose to eat durian after the zumba, I end up with 3 durians which I ate almost ½ of them in one sitting.

Gone baby gone.

Case 2

I was doing absolutely super fine at the office (it means I cleared my table, delegated stuff to the team member, etc).

Suddenly and surprisingly I found myself eating nasi lemak + teloq mata cayaq + teh o ais at the nearest café alone while playing Candy Crush Saga.

Case 3

Watching cartoons with the kiddos.

Felt tempted to munch some stuff.

End up with chocolates, kuih raya & slices of cakes.


I am meeting the Dr at PPUM next month and I have done like not even 10% effort in eating clean to lower the cholesterol level.

I have one month to go before I see the Dr and being put on cholesterol pill.

I should do something about ‘always end up with high cholesterol food’ even in my dream.

Wish me luck guys.