In line with their company values, Tokio Marine Life Insurance Malaysia Bhd. (“TMLM”) strikes once again with its ongoing digitalisation initiatives over the past few years. While executing their “go greener” paperless initiative, TMLM also has been focusing on delivering seamless customer experience digitally.

Amidst the global pandemic and “new normal” of social distancing and precautions in public, digitalisation is the definite way to move forward and TMLM’s digital initiatives offer a wider array of improved services and functions for customer’s convenience.

Commenting on these efforts, TMLM’s Chief Executive Officer, Toi See Jong, said “Digital convenience is no longer an advantage, it is a necessity. Therefore, we have taken the necessary actions to develop and launch various digitalisation efforts for the ease and convenience of our customers and even our staff, improving their productivity.”

Not only does TMLM focus on digital efforts internally with their paperless initiative and various apps, but their determination also expands into partnerships with other big players in the industry. Continuing the 12-year long partnership, RHB Bank Berhad (“RHB”) and TMLM take their joint efforts further by enhancing staff efficiency through digital innovation via the Banca mobile application. This mobile application is designed to improve staff productivity and enhance quality of sales.

Through this app, sales staff can easily access the e-cademy feature, enabling them to perform training courses at the convenience of their smartphone, where their results will be displayed immediately after completion as well as a one-glance view of their completed continuous professional development (CPD) hours and courses.

The app also has a Nationwide Dashboard, which can be viewed holistically by all HQ staff and branch managers, enabling them to keep track of their nationwide sales along with their staff performance that is summarised by region. There is also a Leaderboard that enables ranking viewing by regions and branches to keep track of the performance of each region. These features not only improved overall staff productivity, but there have been increase in quality of sales through the digital advances.

“We are pleased to continue our strategic partnership with Tokio Marine to further embed digitalisation into our customers’ lifestyle and business needs. Speed continues to drive digital innovation and recognising this, these digital solutions aim to improve productivity through promoting better sales quality,” said Jeffrey Ng, Managing Director of Group Community Banking, RHB Banking Group.

Another front runner in these digitalisation efforts is T-Marine Pro, a sales advisor tool that enables sales professionals to communicate with customers at any time. As this is a link-based tool, TMLM sales representatives will not need to face the hassle of installing any apps to activate the service that is also available on all types of devices. Sales representatives can now approach any potential customers anywhere, on their personal devices. This comes as a major convenience to the sales representatives, customers, and office staff during this unprecedented pandemic as TMLM minimises face-to-face meetings, keeping everyone safe and sound. Most significantly, this e-submission tool enables digital signatures and e-submission in addition to possessing an OTP function.

T-Marine Pro will also continue going through enhancements, and this year we are looking to equipping it with lead generation integration for activity tracking and an auto underwriting engine, which ultimately increases the business capacity exponentially.

In addition, TMLM had launched the oneTokio mobile application, a customer servicing tool with convenience in mind for its users. Forgoing the hassle of storing physical policies and contracts, oneTokio allows policyholders to stay informed of their policy while on the go, regardless of where they are or the time of day. The app also enables them to have convenient access to features like e-Medical Card with claim history, e-Correspondence (view and download policy statements and letters), details about Unclaimed Money (moneys which are legally payable to the owner but have remained unpaid, or moneys standing to the credit or trade account) and Fund Prices (for investment-linked plans). Plus, clients can also find their Life Advisor's contact details (a great panic-reliever feature when quick advice is needed), have access to an e-Payment feature (with payment reminder, so no more missing payments), and are able to make an appointment with a TMLM representative before visiting any branches, as well as able to refer to the list of panel hospitals and their addresses that are connected to Google Maps.

oneTokio is also made available to non-registered users, who can get free, useful health-related information, such as: checking for Unclaimed Money, access to Online Will Templates (users can download these for free and use them to create their own will), and TMLM's panel hospitals. Non-registered users who are interested in investment-linked plans will also be able to view fund price movements and history on oneTokio, besides getting access to fund performance reports. 

In 2020, TMLM and RHB co-launched Perlindungan Tenang TokioMarine-StarterPack (“Perlindungan Tenang Campaign”), a simple and affordable Life Protection Plan offered digitally to all Malaysians as part of RHB’s Community Banking on-going digital initiatives. As the plan successfully helped over 24,000 families in need, this year, the campaign has been extended and enhanced to ‘Tenang Hero Campaign’, with a rebranding name of TokioMarine E-ssential Tenang Plan.

Just like before, users are able to self-enrol online at an affordable price, and in addition, will now get free festive accidental coverage, post COVID-19 vaccination support 2.0 (until 31 December 2022) and Tenang Voucher cashback rewards. 

So far, there has been over 22,000 online insurance cases completed, with more potential cases. TMLM aims to achieve a fully digitalised system with 100% online transactions and policies, in the future. Digitalisation has enabled RHB’s sales staffs to facilitate successful transactions and expand its customer base by efficiently reaching out to more customers. With the ongoing partnership with RHB, TMLM is confident in becoming a digital powerhouse for insurance in the near future.